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Minggu, 11 April 2010

hanya sebuah curahan hati saja,...

yaaahhhh,.. sudah lama juga saya tidak post di blog ini,.. ahahhaaha yah langsung saja ke intinya ini adalah sebuah atau beberapa curahan hati saya yang temuat di dalam beberapa lagu,..
kita mulai saja,..

"A hundred days had made me older since the last time that I've saw your pretty face Everything I know, and anywhere I go It gets hard but it wont take away my love And when the last one falls When it's all said and done I'm here without you baby But you're still on my lonely mind I think about you baby And I dream about you all the time." (3 doors down - here without you)

"I wonder, what life would be like If my shoulder Could bare the weight of all this adding up I feel, the breaking point It's close enough, it's feeling real again You have my heart in your hands You have my heart so don't, don't let it go Check my pressure Patch me up right, you're too good to be" (new found glory - too good to be)

"The stars lean down to kiss you And I lie awake and miss you Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere The silence isn't so bad 'Til I look at my hands and feel sad 'Cause the spaces between my fingers Are right where yours fit perfectly And I'll forget the world that I knew But I swear I won't forget you Oh, if my voice could reach Back through the past I'd whisper in your ear Oh darling, I wish you were here" (owl city - vanilla twillight)

"Do you really wanna throw your heart away, away, away? Everybody's hurt somebody before Everybody's been hurt by somebody before You can change but you will always come back for more Don't try to fight it, victims of love You can't decide it, victims of love, victims of love" (good charlotte - victims of love)

"I let go, there's just no one who gets me like you do You are my only my only one Here I go so dishonestly Leave a note for you my only one And I know you can see right through me So let me go and you will find someone" (yellow card - only one)

"I can’t remember how I can’t remember why I’m lying here tonight And I can’t stand the pain And I can’t make it go away No I can’t stand the pain How could this happen to me I've made my mistakes I’ve got no where to run I’m sick of this life I just wanna scream How could this happen to me I wanna start this over again" (simple plan - untitled)

"tell me tell me what makes you think that you are invincible I can see it in your eyes that you're so sure please don't tell me that I am the only one that's vulnerable impossible I was born to tell you I love you isn't that a song already and it's true I cant go on without you your smile makes me see clearer (secondhand serenade - vulnurable)

"When I met you girl my heart went knock knock Now them butterflies in my stomach won't stop stop And even though it's a struggle love is all we got Your world is my world And my fight is your fight My breath is your breath And your heart And girl you're my one love, my one heart My one life for sure And I'ma be your one guy You'll be my #1 girl Let me tell you one time Girl, I love, girl I love you." (justin beiber - one time)

"You're gone from here Soon you will disappear Fading into beautiful light 'cos everybody's changing And I don't feel right So little time Try to understand that I'm." (keane - everybody's changing)

"You look so beautiful today When you're sitting there it's hard for me to look away So I try to find the words that I could say I know distance doesn't matter but you feel so far away And I can't lie When you call my heart stops beating When you're gone it won't stop bleeding But I can wait I can wait forever" (simple plan - i can wait forever)

"What can I do to make you love me What can I do to make you care What can I say to make you feel this What can I do to get you there No more waiting, No more aching No more fighting, No more trying" (the corrs - what can i do )

"I'm not a perfect person As many things I wish I didn't do But I continue learning I never meant to do those things to you And so I have to say before I go That I just want you to know I've found a reason for me To change who I used to be A reason to start over new and the reason is you." (hoobastank - the reason)

''I see you next to me but still you feel so far away Where did we go wrong? I guess this is the part where you look at me And say goodbye Don't, don't let me go It's not the end, whoa Girl you know it's not so bad It's not the end, No it's not the end What can I do when you're gone When it feels so wrong What can I say To make you wanna stay So what can I do Don't leave me this way Cause it feels so wrong It's not the end." (simple plan - the end )

itu adalah beberapa bait lagu yang berisi curahan hati dari seorang manusi yang bernama hagi pradita,...

salam perjuangan

Hagi Pradita