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Minggu, 06 Februari 2011

Batman Returns

ini adalah versi bahasa inggris yang telah disesuaikan diberbagai tempat ahahaha

Batman Returns

On a day in a city that is Gotham city rampant criminals commit crimes to residents. It is all due to the city of Gotham and the world's protector of Batman was too old and can not beat the criminals. Therefore, Bruce Wayne (Batman's true identity) to find his successor to become Batman and as heir of Wayne Enterprises (Wayne family-owned company). So he looked for talented teenagers from around the world and has ambitions to become the new Batman.

In another place precisely in a city of Bandung in Indonesia, which contained a young teenager named Hagi Pradita already bored with their daily routines filled with learning, studying and learning. He dreamed of becoming a hero who can fight crime elsewhere but not in Indonesia, because in this country justice can be bought with money, and lots of enforcement of justice or the police or who are blinded by the object upon which the name "money". So he got a call from a man who is not known.

ring ring ring * the child's phone rings *
he picked up the phone 'hello'.
'Yes, hello, is this Hagi Pradita? congratulations you have been elected as the new Batman. " by using the Indonesian course.
'Yes, this is Hagi Pradita, what Batman!? " he was surprised
'Has quickly gone to the city of Gotham with my plane, I'll explain more here in the city of Gotham'
'Oh okay okay. " he obeyed

then she went by plane owned by Bruce Wayne is Batairlines to Gotham city. Arriving there, he immediately picked up by Bruce Wayne himself, and there was little conversation between Hagi and Bruce.
'Helo, whether you Hagi Pradeep from Indonesia? " Bruce asked
'Helo also, yes, I own you definitely Bruce Wayne happy to meet with you. " Hagi reply
'Ummhh, .. it turns out you do not look like a hero I guess. " Bruce began to doubt seletah see this unknown creature.

'Oh yeah? I also felt so, but I have great ambitions to become a hero. " Hagi replied with spirit.
'Okay no problem, the physical is not important, the most important is determination not easily give up, I'll make you into a hero who is feared by all the criminals in the world. " Bruce replied firmly.

After a brief conversation that Hagi was taken to the Batman's hiding headquarters Batcave and she trained with a couple hard by Bruce Wayne to become Batman's successor. Then it does not feel tired even 2 years have passed.

on one day in the Batcave, in the middle of their training.

'wow, I can not believe what I see! "Bruce said surprised.
'huh? what is it? "Hagi asked not understand.
'see you, I remember when he first saw you, I doubt you can be a hero but you have the unyielding determination and sense of justice, now look at you you look more cool and great! "Bruce said
'oh yeah? seems so thanks I deem it a compliment. "Hagi said
'hey hey you must be more confident, and now no more to be taught by me and accept this costume you now officially have my place as the new Batman. "Bruce said
'wow 2 years does not feel, I'm really excited about all your kindness, Mr. Wayne. "Hagi said he shed tears of happiness.
'I am also very sad, you're like my own son. "Bruce said as he hugged and shed tears Hagi.
'okay do not be too much, too. "Hagi said
'all right. "Bruce said

and after it officially becomes Batman Hagi and immediately destroy the criminals who run rampant in Gotham city.
'Today the city of Gotham tomorrow the world. "those were the words typical of the new Batman.

where there is a super hero there must exist a super villain, well the new batman big enemy is the Poker Face yah he is the grandson of former enemies is Batman's Joker to face shaped variety of cards, Poker Face is ready to mess up the city of Gotham, virginity combat, and interfere with the new Batman, but evil Poker Face's plans always fail because of the genius new Batman Hagi Pradita.

will Poker Face beat the new Batman?
does Batman keep the peace in Gotham City and the world ?
whether Gayus is going to another country ?
Ariel could exempt from punishment?

Well all of that will be answered in the other story of the new Batman Hagi Pradita.

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